Welcome to Superbench!

Superbench is an app designed to easier searching IBM Power Systems benchmarking (rPerf and CPW). As SAPs benchmark is also available, you can use it to compare system performance from different vendors. The tool can be useful for sizings, consolidation projects, modernization and system’s upgrades or updates. You can use it in adaptations if your project is moving to the cloud (IaaS).

The tool is intuitive and ease-to-use:

Keep in mind that Superbench keeps its own benchmarks tables for better availability. Therefore, some brand-new published benchmarks may take some time to appear in the tool.

Although some other benchmarks exist, they are either restricted or not that market relevant. So, if your are looking for these benchmarks, please access the publisher’s own site.

Enjoy! And if you wish to contact me, just email me: ftoledo@br.ibm.com